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AT10 Battery Charger by HindlePower


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Single Phase Battery Charger 

The AT10 Battery Charger by HindlePower is the world’s easiest to operate float battery charger.  It not only has over 20 years of proven reliability but it also has become the industry’s “gold standard” for all stationary battery charging utility applications. It also includes a 5 year standard warranty.

Combining the performance and accuracy of a microprocessor with the reliability of SCR power conversion technology, makes the AT10 HindlePower Series the standard in stationary battery chargers.

In addition, AT10.1’s are easy to install, operate and maintain and they are also packed with the most standard features and best warranty in the industry.


The AT10 Battery Chargers are frequently used in applications such as:

  • Utility & Communications: Power generation, Substations, Microwave relay sites and Switchgear
  • Manufacturing: Emergency DC Power, DC Operated Breakers and Alarm Systems
  • Commercial: Alarm Systems, Uninterrupted Power Systems and also DC Control Systems
  • Transportation: Signal Systems, Switchgear, Alarm Systems

Standard Features of the AT10 Battery Charger

  • 5 Year Product Warranty
  • Universal main control board operates in any AT Series charger
  • Alarm assembly with local LEDs and summary relay contact for AC Failure, DC Failure, High Vdc, Low Vdc, Positive(+) and Negative(-) ground fault
  • High DC voltage shutdown
  • Forced load share during parallel operation
  • Float/equalize selector switch with indicating lights
  • Manual equalize timer (0-255 hr.) with indicating lights
  • AC line failure automatic equalize timer (0-255 hr.) with indicating light
  • AC On indicating light
  • 1% Digital LED meter for Vdc, Adc, timer hours as well as alarm settings
  • AC input and DC output circuit breakers
  • Membrane front panel
  • A redundant analog circuit for LDCV alarm, independent of the microprocessor
  • Redundant control loops for higher reliability
  • Local or remote voltage sense with redundancy to protect against remote sense failure
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Input & output MOV surge suppressors
  • Reverse polarity protection via free wheeling diodes
  • CU-AL I/O compression lugs
  • Switchboard wire, UL VW-1 closure pre-treated using a 5-stage iron phosphate process with baked epoxy powder coating in ANSI 61 gray

Safety and Acceptance AT10.1

  • Meets NEMA PE 5-1996, PE  5-1997 (R2003) specification
  • NEMA-1/IP20 type standard  enclosure
  • Third party agency approvals CSA FCC CE