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Majortel Utility DC Power System by Majorpower


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Full Power, wide AC range units

The Majortel Utility DC Power System by Majorpower,  is a 1U sleek and compact design that is ideal for applications requiring DC Power. Each system is designed to occupy a true 1U (1.75” tall)  rack space in a standard 19” wide rack and under 11”deep. Installations could include one or two compact high density and reliable switch-mode rectifiers, 10 Amps each for a total system capacity configuration of up to 2800W.

The integrated system includes a simple 2-pole output breaker configuration suitable for connections to existing bus, individual load or battery.

Features of the 1U Majortel Utility DC Power System

  • Wide AC Range; Full Power with 120/208/240 VAC
  • Extended Temperature Operations; Up to 75⁰C
  • 2 Alarm Relays and 2 Digital Inputs
  • Integrated Remote Communication Package
  • Easy, Manageable Monitor Screen
  • Quick Check LED Indications

Model Selection Guide

MODEL MTS130/10AT-1U MTS130/20AT-1U
DC Output Range  85-158 VDC
Number of Switch-Mode Rectifier(s)  1 2
Type of System Chassis  1U; Rackmount 19”
Dimensions  19” W x 10.38” D x 1.74” H
 443mm x 263.7mm x 44.3mm
Controller  MTS-Com with Communication Interface
AC Connection Type  3 Wire Terminal
Rectifier  MTR130/10-1U