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VTC Rackmount DC/DC Converters by Analytic Systems


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VTC Rackmount DC/DC Converters

The VTC Rackmount DC/DC Converters from Analytic Systems VTC610R, VTC615R, VTC100R & VTC1015R supply 12, 24 or 48 VDC from a 24, 48, 72,  110 or 250VDC power source. Other input or output voltages from 65 to 360 volts are also available by special order.

All new current mode switching design offers increased power and reliability in a compact package. Extra input and output filtering reduce EMI to extremely low levels.

Reliability features include an input fuse, thermal shutdown, current limiting, reverse battery hookup protection and output short circuit shutdown with automatic recovery.

The output voltage is easily adjusted 1.0 volts above or below the standard output voltage. Devices connected to the converter are protected by an output overvoltage crowbar circuit.
All rackmount units come standard with high quality digital output meters to allow monitoring of output current and output voltage. An optional battery back-up is also available.


  • Ultra-quiet
  • Power sensitive electronics without interference
  • Rugged & reliable
  • Ensure years of safe and trouble free operation

Features of the VTC Rackmount DC/DC Converters

  • Fully isolated design
  • Transient voltage suppressor
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • Audible & visual indicators for constant current,low input voltage, low output voltage & over-temperature
  • Over-temperature shutdown
  • Short circuit protection
  • Output overvoltage crowbar
  • Cycle by cycle current limiting
  • Standard digital volt/ammeter
  • Fan cooled
  • Reverse input protection
  • Ultra-quiet low EMI operation
  • Dry contact output fail relay
  • Custom input voltages from 65 to 360 VDC
  • Wide-temperature operation available
  • Conformal coating and/or harsh environment ruggedization available
  • Optional battery back-up
  • 3 year parts and labour warranty


  • Telecom Power Plants
  • Electric Utilities and Substations
  • Marine & other rugged environments
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Steel Mills
  • Base Station Power (Radio & Telecommunications)
  • Industrial Controls (OEM Applications)
  • Solar / Alternative Power Systems

Model Selection Guide

24VDC Input (Heavy Duty/Industrial)
Model Number Input Volt Output Volt Power Level
VTC615R-24-12 20-35VDC 12VDC 600W
VTC615R-24-24 20-35VDC 24VDC 600W
VTC615R-24-48 20-35VDC 48VDC 600W
VTC1015R-24-12 20-35VDC 12VDC 1000W
VTC1015R-24-24 20-35VDC 24VDC 1000W
VTC1015R-24-48 20-35VDC 48VDC 1000W
48VDC Input (Telecom/Industrial)
Model Number Input Volt Output Volt Power Level
VTC615R-48-12 40-60VDC 12VDC 600W
VTC615R-48-24 40-60VDC 24VDC 600W
VTC615R-48-48 40-60VDC 48VDC 600W
VTC1015R-48-12 40-60VDC 12VDC 1000W
VTC1015R-48-24 40-60VDC 24VDC 1000W
VTC1015R-48-48 40-60VDC 48VDC 1000W
72VDC Input (Rail/Industrial)
Model Number Input Volt Output Volt Power Level
VTC615R-72-12 60-90VDC 12VDC 600W
VTC615R-72-24 60-90VDC 24VDC 600W
VTC615R-72-48 60-90VDC 48VDC 600W
VTC1015R-72-12 60-90VDC 12VDC 1000W
VTC1015R-72-24 60-90VDC 24VDC 1000W
VTC1015R-72-48 60-90VDC 48VDC 1000W
110VDC Input (Utility/Industrial)
Model Number Input Volt Output Volt Power Level
VTC610R-110-12 100-140VDC 12VDC 600W
VTC610R-110-24 100-140VDC 24VDC 600W
VTC610R-110-48 100-140VDC 48VDC 600W
VTC1000R-110-12 100-140VDC 12VDC 1000W
VTC1000R-110-24 100-140VDC 24VDC 1000W
VTC1000R-110-48 100-140VDC 48VDC 1000W
250VDC Input (Steel Mill/ Heavy Industrial)
Model Number Input Volt Output Volt Power Level
VTC610R-250-12 230-280VDC 12VDC 600W
VTC610R-250-24 230-280VDC 24VDC 600W
VTC610R-250-48 230-280VDC 48VDC 600W
VTC1000R-250-12 230-280VDC 12VDC 1000W
VTC1000R-250-24 230-280VDC 24VDC 1000W
VTC1000R-250-48 230-280VDC 48VDC 1000W